Books of Affection – Sally Mann

Sally L. Mann, 76 (Interview on August 04, 2021)

Sally Mann has been a member of the Atwater Library for almost ten years. She and her husband moved from Maryland, USA to Montreal after their granddaughter was born. They both attend the Atwater Library book club, which Mann believes to be a great opportunity to read books that she would not necessarily pick up by herself.


Books of Affection – Rachel McCrum

Rachel McCrum, 39 (Interview on July 28, 2021)

Rachel McCrum is the curator in the Atwater Poetry Project since 2019. Prior to this, she also worked for the Quebec Writer’s Federation, an organization for English language writers also held in the Atwater library. Moving from Northern Ireland in 2017, she found in the Atwater Library a second home and refuge while she was adapting to a new life in Montreal.


Books of Affection – Mary Soderstrom

Mary Soderstrom, 78 (Interview on July 22, 2021)

Mary Soderstrom is the facilitator of the Atwater Library book club since 2000. Her first contact with the library was through the Quebec Writers’ Federation in the 1990s, as she is also a writer. In the book club, Soderstrom meets with members of the Atwater Library nine times a year to discuss books about different matters.


Books of Affection – Marlene Chan

Marlene Chan, 71 (Interview on August 16, 2021)

Marlene Chan has been a member of the Atwater Library for about ten years. She attends various activities organized by the library, such as writing and poetry workshops, the Peer Café, information sessions, and lectures. She also participates in the Atwater Literacy Project run by Eric Craven in partnership with various groups, including the Concordia University Fine Arts Department.


Books of Affection – Edward McCann

Edward McCann, 76 (Interview on August 2, 2021)

Edward McCann is a retired museum curator who curated various exhibitions at the Atwater Library. Before moving to Vancouver in the Spring of 2021, McCann combined his admiration for the Atwater Library with his experience at curatorial practices to voluntarily curate five exhibitions (including The Artistic Mr. Wilson – Photographs from the McCann Collection) and help with other exhibitions at the library.


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