Oral History Resources

The following documents are meant to provide help and advice for anyone hoping to take on an oral history project of your own. You’ll find oral history and interview advice from the Oral History Association, the Atwater Library, and National Public Radio. You’ll also find helpful resources such as tips to minimize harm, an interview checklist, as well as anti-oppressive terminology; all things to keep in mind when conducting interviews.


Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS)

The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS) has a series of resources meant to assist the public to collect, document, edit, and distribute oral histories on its website. Follow this link to access information on training, ethics, digital tools, software, and links. COHDS also provides opportunities to access the wider oral history community and all of its resources by getting involved an affiliate. 

Interview Practice and Tips

OHA – Best Practices

Atwater Library Oral History Notes

NPR Interview Tips









Sample Interview Questions

Phillip Aspler

Shaun Fawcett

Andrea Klein

Robert Wilkins


Minimizing Risk and Anti-Oppressive Terminology

Minimizing Risks of Doing Harm

CKUT Anti-oppressive terminology









Other Resources

Interview Checklist

Step-by-step guide to oral history









Sound Recorder Options

YETI USB Microphone Manual



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