Docs & Dossiers

What you might find here

When starting from scratch, as our group of amateur oral historians did, learning along the way the “ins and outs” of how to construct a living history collection, one often ends up with a myriad of bits of additional information, gathered from all points along the learning spectrum. Much of it is compiled here, along with a variety of “how to” handouts, personalized interview questions as compiled by one of our interviewers, notes, and assorted background information to a few of the topics touched on by some of the people whose stories we have collected. Plus, if some of our interviewees shared photos and mementos with us, this is where you’ll find them.

Take note, it is somewhat of a smorgasbord of differing elements, but to those who enjoy browsing and digging deeper, this is the section you might find an additional nugget or two, along with a variety of hints and “how to” tips that our team of amateur oral historians were given along the way.

Happy browsing!

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