Out of the Closet and Back in Again

I’ve been editing my podcast and, after many frustrations, I’ve come to love editing more than recording.  However, through editing, I discovered the need to re-record certain words that were unclear due to inaudible prefixes; thereby, giving some statements the opposite meaning.  Well, I just couldn’t let that go!

So, I pulled out the big old empty suitcase and the large empty box that I’m saving for an imminent move that will likely be initiated by my landlord as he tries to evict the six remaining tenants of an apartment building equipped with 19 apartments.  How much of Montreal’s housing crisis is due to similar evictions and empty apartments slated for gentrification?  I digress.

I re-recorded the unsatisfactory sentences but when I inserted them into the perfect spots, they were too soft and hollow-sounding.  I need to re-record them to my satisfaction.  So, I will try again ensuring that the volume is the same as the original recordings and, hopefully, the hollowness will also be gone.

Wish me luck.