Stories from the Womb of my Closet

As I work through the creation of my first podcast, I’ve been paying attention to the process which finds me starting, stopping, and then procrastinating before getting back to it.  What are these internal and external barriers that catch me up and hold me in place, not doing what I need to do?

Barely 24 inches deep and 40 inches long, I squeeze into my closet studio, sit on a folded mat and stretch out my legs on either side of the hat box that serves as a microphone table.  Perched on a cardboard box behind the mic is my laptop with my script displayed, typed in a 14 point font so that I can actually see it from where I’m squashed between the hat box and a row of stored paintings behind me.  Once positioned, I dare not move until I’m achy. When physical and mental fatigue set in, I crawl out of this compact little womb and into my seemingly vast bedroom and stand upright.  Oh, the joy of being able to stand up!

Were it not for the COVID-19 Pandemic, I would be recording this podcast at the Atwater Library with, not only a more sophisticated recording system, but headroom and the ready assistance of someone who could be in the same room with me.

Alas, In my tiny closet I am alone and confined.  The enduring Pandemic contributes to the lags in motivation and my reluctance to submit for too long at a time to such a tiny space.