Dancing Her Way Through Life -Twyla Tharp, American Dancer and Choreographer


Definitely worth a listen:  https://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/thursday-dec-10-2020-colman-domingo-twyla-tharp-and-more-1.5835597   (Her interview begins at 25:00)

Twyla says, “Being as strong as you can possibly be physically your entire life is a good investment for the long term.”  You can hear the strength in her voice as she advocates for movement throughout the life cycle.  She says that the disease we suffer from is denial of aging rather than aging itself.  So, hop on your bicycle (when spring returns) and, in the meantime, walk, run, stretch, skate, ski, weight-lift, dance, do yoga, Tai Chi, etc.  Find something you love that feeds your heart and soul and keeps your body moving.

I’m off to dance in my living room to my favourite music, The Cranberries singing ‘Linger.’