The Ups and Down of Learning to be Digitally Literate

I had an interesting and challenging few days this week trying to transfer a large audio file to someone else through Wetransfer.  I’m not really familiar with this file-sharing program, but since the audio file was very large, I was told that this was the best and quickest method to use.  Apparently, this should have been straightforward process, but it turned into a preoccupation and at least one sleepless night.  Wetransfer couldn’t complete the process despite many attempts.

Then I tried uploading it to Google Drive, but that didn’t work either.

My self-talk was filled with self-criticisms such as, “What am I doing wrong.  Why can’t I do this?”

I don’t like letting people down.  That was my biggest concern, so I kept at it, trying again and again and again.


I had been using a laptop that had been generously loaned to me, so I was prepared to bundle up and take my masked-self to the metro station and return the laptop back to the lender so that he could access the audio file directly from the source.  However, I still needed to use the laptop with its access to an editing program which my own laptop doesn’t have.

So, with determination and a few naps to catch up on the lack of sleep, I used another approach.  I saved the large audio file onto a memory stick and then saved it to the desk top of my own laptop, hoping all would be well.  However, I still couldn’t get Wetransfer to successfully transfer the file.  The next step was to upload the file to Google Drive from my laptop.  I’m still a novice when it comes to cloud storage, and I really had little confidence that this was going to work.

So, I went for a walk rather than stay home and wait, watch, and wonder while the tiny uploading icon circled, taunting me with the promise of success.  I had been through this waiting and wondering numerous times already over the past few days, so this was to be my final attempt before returning the laptop.

When I came back from my walk a couple of hours later, there were still two minutes before the upload would be complete, if it were to ever be complete.  I again glanced reluctantly at the time indicator and I saw the words, SUCCESSFULLY UPLOADED.  I did it!  All that determination paid off.  I was so happy, as was the person who had been patiently waiting for his audio file.