Wendy’s Projects

Wendy Allen truly believes that everyone has interesting stories to tell about their lives. Her past and current work, from interviewing foreign exchange students at Concordia University to an ongoing series of conversations and engagements with Nakuset, the Executive Director of the Native Women’s Centre of Montreal, are all means to experiment with the capacity for digital media to tell stories in expressive and experimental ways. Wendy’s work is also deeply personal, as a way to liberate her voice after retiring from a career writing bureaucratic reports. Wendy’s videos and audio pieces are ways to communicate stories that matter, while also discovering parts of who she is. As she tellingly puts it: “Most things that matter have both information and emotion.” The Digital Literacy program, for her, is an opportunity to learn how to tell stories that do both, and more. 

Four women speak about rape culture on college campuses


The Allens go to China


Micro Déja Vu (With Ramsay Blair)


Whose Square?


Cabot Square Project (Promenade Parlante 2018)

Wendy leading the audio walk.


Audio walk around Cabot Square.


Niap Saunders and Lucinda Gordon throat singing during Wendy’s piece.


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